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  • Practicing Tantra's intuitional science
  • Schools, disaster relief
    & cooperative communities
  • Womens Welfare
    Department (WWD)
  • Where you can learn yoga
    & meditation

Self-Discovery, Social Service and Happiness

Unlock your true potential with the ancient secrets of the yogis

Ananda Marga┬« is an integrated, self-empowering approach to life’s fundamental yearning – the search for happiness.

Today with the relatively developed medical science and study of psychology, the value of this practice and the perspective it imparts, is being increasingly recognised… for it is based on the nature of being.

Imagine a world in which the physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of every being can be fulfilled. The science of meditation and yoga evolved over thousands of years as a tool to achieve this goal and now you can learn these ancient secrets too.

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